What's your favorite campaign of all time? 

The "Perception/Reality" campaign for Rolling Stone. Simple, exquisitely relevant to the brand and the audience, beautifully art directed and... no. Wait a minute. On second thought, I really like the "Think Small" campaign for Volkswagen. Also, "Absolutely, positively has to be there..." for Federal Express. "Just do it" for Nike. Not to mention, "Tastes great, less filling." Can I get back to you on this? 

In what areas do you have the most experience? 

I've worked for several telecomm clients and follow the industry closely. Cars and motorcycles have appreared often on my time sheets. Format-wise, I've done a lot of radio and enjoy it very much. A lot of TV. Long-copy formats in print or broadcast don't scare me.

In what areas to you have the least experience?

Packaged goods. Outdoor formats. In-store. Windshield-wiper flyers. Matchbook covers. And graffiti marketing. But I'm eager to learn.

What are your strenghts?

People seem to like working for me. Maybe because I'm a firm believer in constant encouragement and positive feedback. Maybe because I'm an equally firm believer in long lunches and frequent office parties. Whatever the reason, I'm proud of the fact that I can build a team, inspire esprit de corps and occasionally get people to work past five without causing a mutiny.

Mind giving us a little insight into your personal life?

Love to. I have three wonderful kids and a wonderful wife. We live in the wonderful town of Forest Park, Illinois, with more bars per capita than just about any town I've every stumbled into. Got any other irrelevant questions? 

Yes. What's the gross domestic product of Norway? 

Glad you asked. It's often assumed that Norway has a struggling economy, based on smoked-herring and sponsorship deals for Norwegian Olympic biathletes. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Norway also exports a pretty darn good vodk, resulting in a robust GDP of some $512.6 billion (2013).